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How does our Referral Program Work?


As a token of appreciation to all of our clients, friends, and associates that refer customers to us… we are offering the following Referral Program.
Earn 10% referral bonus for each new client you refer that works with us! Simply let us know the name, contact information, and brief explanation of the project details and receive your payout upon deposit payment by the client. Follow the easy process.


You know someone who needs our services.


You provide us with your payment details, referral contact info.


If your referral decides to do business with us and makes a deposit.


We sign a contract, get the initial deposit and you get paid!

What we offer!

Website Development

Not having a website in this digital age is like doing accounting without a calculator. It has become an essential need for even small businesses to maintain connection with their customers/clients that now do more than 80% of their daily transactions and research products/services via their laptops & mobiles.

Graphics Design

Digital Maples Graphic designers always know how to target your audience with unique branding colours and typography. Our designers know how to connect to your customers with the right visual imagery. We nurture your business themes and artistically bring your visuals to life.

Social Media Camapigns

With clear communication and monthly brainstorm meetings, we will be able to consolidate the social media marketing initiatives to fit your goals and promotional material. We will agree on a schedule for a series of posts to keep up the exciting momentum for all prospective customers.